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Your blog is your most powerful practice tool

Do you want more clients?

Are you trying to increase your online presence?

Do you want to show up in online search?

Then you have to keep your website fresh with new content

Rather than try to continually change your basic website pages, it makes a lot more sense to add new material of interest to your potential new clients.   That way, when they are searching for a therapist who specializes in what you do, they are likely to find your posts about that topic.  That’s going to help them feel like they know you, even before you make that all-important first call.

Your best tool for that is the blog on your website, refreshed frequently with new content that relates to your practice.  Google will find it, and Google will love you.  But you have to write it for Google to find it.

Believe me, I know all about that.  I’ve been in practice for over 30 years, and I believe I was the first therapist in our town to have a website, and the only one for a long time after that.  It’s not tough to be found online if there’s only one website that shows up when someone searches on “therapist in Yourtown”.

Well, I’m not the only therapist with a website anymore, and that’s been the case for quite a few years now.  But I do come up nicely on the all-important “first page” of search results.  One reason is that my website has a lot of longevity and depth to it, and Google likes that.  But another reason, it that I blog, and do so fairly regularly.

(By the way, don’t have a website, or your website doesn’t have a blog?  Don’t worry; I’ll be addressing that at the end of this page.)

But I never know what to write about — blogging seems very difficult to keep up with

This is where lots of therapists bog down.  They write a post or two, then give up.  It’s hard to think of ideas, and no ideas makes it hard to find the time to write.   I can help you with that.  

I love to write, and I love to generate ideas.  I actively author several blogs, including the one for my private practice.  I share lots of this information, including examples from my website, to both free and paying members of Practice Success Tools.

I can give you regular blog topic ideas, complete with several bullet-point subtopics for each idea.  Basically, I provide you with an outline of a blog post, that you then complete yourself, in your own voice. All of the topics I offer are specifically designed with the types of Google or Bing (or any search engine) searches performed by prospective therapy clients.  In other words, these are topics designed to bring you new clients.

Why do I provide outlines instead of fully written blog posts? Unless you can afford to hire a writer who writes in your voice, for only you, you need to write the posts yourself.  Why?  Because Google hates duplicate content.  If you purchase fully written content, it is very likely that it’s being sold in more than one place.  That will hurt you, not help you.  Your content needs to be unique, and that means it needs to be written just for you.

You could hire an overseas writer to try to do this.  But will it sound like you?   Will it be written in your voice, in a style that helps attract clients to you?  No.  So you need to write it yourself.

And that’s not hard to do, if you just have a head start.  Here’s an example.  See how long it takes you to write a blog post of about 3 to 5 paragraphs on the following:

What Helps Right Now if You’re Feeling Anxious

  • Slow your breathing (explain how to do this)
  • Move your body (give some ideas)
  • Distract yourself (again, give some ideas)
  • Focus on something positive — use thoughts, images, memories of sensations, sounds and smells to help deepen the focus

Now that wasn’t difficult at all, was it?  As a therapist, you’re already a good communicator, used to talking with people.  A blog is simply another way of communicating, and writing is another way of talking.  You don’t have to an award-winning author to write good posts, in your voice, that will attract new clients.

Worried you won’t be able to come up with ideas?

That’s where I can help.  For a low monthly fee of $20 $10 per month (for the first few subscribers), you can subscribe to our Blog Content for Therapists Group.  You’ll receive an email at least twice a month, with a solid practice-oriented idea for a blog post, outlined in bullet-point format like the one above, ready for you to write 3 to 5 paragraphs (or more if you like), so that you’ll have a new blog post to keep your website fresh. Fresh website content means that search engines will like you more, and your site will be more likely to show up towards the top of the list. That’s right; every other week you’ll receive a fresh idea, on topics that are useful to therapists, right in your email box.  It’s absolutely commitment-free; you can cancel at any time, and as long as you’ve saved the material you received, it’s yours to keep forever.

But wait, there’s more (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Along with your subscription comes access to our entire website, which is full of valuable information, and we’re adding more all the time.  Much of what I have to share is so valuable, I like to keep it just for our members.  As our community grows, I will be adding a forum, so that all of you can share information, post questions, and share in the excitement of marketing your practices together.

And if you don’t yet have a website, or a blog on your website, the first place you’ll want to check is our page on how to create your therapy website or blog.  You’ll get a link to that immediately upon joining as a member.

Try it out; there’s no commitment — in fact you can try it for $1 for the first month

If you know you’re ready to subscribe, good for you. Just click here to go to our Trial Membership registration page. You’ll be able to subscribe to our Blog Content for Therapists group. There’s no commitment necessary; you can cancel your subscription at any time.  And you’ll have full access to our entire website, including new content as it becomes available.
You get all this for $1 for the first month.

If you don’t think it’s valuable, just cancel your payment.  If you do like it, your second monthly payment will be automatically billed for $10, and your blog post ideas will keep coming.  All this for $10 monthly, with no commitment to continue if you are not satisfied. (Even when we raise our prices for new members, your price will never go up.)


If you’re still not sure, and would like to explore our site more fully, then you can sign-up for a Free Membership. You’ll be able to explore our site, and have access to some of our tools and links. You won’t have access to the Blog Content, however, or to the Forum when it comes online. We’re pretty confident that once you’ve explored for a while, you’ll want to try our no-commitment Full Membership. But until then, please do join as a Free Member so that you can see more of what we have to offer.